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Working Together on Project

Pre-Apprenticeship Phase 2

Working on a Project
Professor & Students

The CAVALRY Corp Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM™) Pre-Apprenticeship Program is a unique tri-sector project management program designed to develop the financial self-sufficiency of the next generation through mini-projects that apply project management processes and best practices to community service projects that serve schools, youth, youth organizations, nonprofit and for-profit small business organizations.


The students, learning and benefiting from the tri-sector mentorship available through this apprenticeship program, deliver direct service results to their community through the three community-based service-learning programs: SOAR, Amazing Race For HOPE, and Holidays Around The World. The Project Manager Apprentices assist corporations, educational institutions, professional organizations, and nonprofit organizations with their community service projects and service drives. The apprentices will also receive training for the CAPM certification exam, which will make them eligible for project management scholarships and/or Project Manager jobs starting at $45,000-$55,000 dollars per year.

Our Field-Specific Project Management Programs

Choose the career path that is best for you! We offer specialized Project Management pathways in Construction, IT, and Finance.


Construction Pathway


IT Pathway

Finance Pathway

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